For organizations to stay effective and competitive in today’s market, quality training and development at all levels of management and employees is essential.

We offer powerful training programs co-authored by industry leaders in organizational development Dr. Roger Allen and Preston Pond.

The mission of our training material is to
assume competitive leadership in your industry;
create a flexible and efficient organizational design;
establish a principle based, collaborative work environment
involve and empower employees

Our consulting and training materials have been presented to hundreds of organizations across the globe. These businesses have ranged in development from start-up to Fortune 500. Our curriculum incorporates principles such as the value of integrity and excellence with the vision of providing a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to personal and organizational transformation.

Our Programs
Alvah Coaching & Consulting Company is a leader in training and performance improvement, can partner with you to create the perfect solution to meet your business needs. Our wide range of highly effective products offer proven solutions for employee and business development strategies. Every program comes with a detailed leader’s guide, customizable Power Point and comprehensive student workbooks.

Training modules
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The following workshops and events are your opportunity to achieve your goals in growing your career, business and personal life by committing to continuous learning and developing in all areas of life. Click for details.