Management and executive coaching are short term, results driven services offered by Alvah Coaching & Consulting to provide tools and direction so a manager is able to lead and direct his/her employees more effectively.

A manager’s effectiveness decreases due to several factors, including poor communication and interpersonal skills, absence of trust, fear of confrontation and holding others accountable, lack of clarity of purpose, and lack of self confidence and business priorities. This can create many types of problems ranging from lower productivity, increased conflicts and low retention rates. It often takes a coach to assist managers and executives alike to become realigned with the expected standards of performance, and use the resources available to manage these situations more effectively.

Management coaching is designed specifically to help managers see what dilutes the manager’s effectiveness and what actions to take to create the desired results. Alvah Coaching & Consulting services encourage and challenge the manager to do what needs to be done in a timely, effective manner.

The Coaching process begins with identifying the specific behavioural outcomes and expectations that are required by both the employee and his/her supervisor. Our philosophy is to work collaboratively so that the person can increase his/her effectiveness and satisfaction at work.

Career Coaching: Are your career goals achieved? One of our experienced career coaches can help you assess your personality, strengths, and weaknesses; identify your transferable skills; work with you to clarify your career goals; and help you obtain the leadership and people skills you need to advance your career.

Life and Personal Coaching: Do you want to live life to the fullest? Discover your life purpose and passion, and then identify and obtain the things you really want from your life, personal relationships and career. You can have it all – success, balance, fulfillment, and happiness – and personal coaching is the way to achieve it.

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